10 SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites to Help Boost Traffic and Sales

If you own an eCommerce website, then you know that SEO (search engine optimisation) is critical to your success. To generate traffic and sales, you need to make sure your website is ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs). We will share 10 SEO tips that will help boost your rankings and increase traffic and sales. Tip #1: Choose The Right Keywords SEO is all about keywords. If you want to rank high on Google, you must ensure that your website includes the right keywords. The best way to choose keywords is to think like a customer. What would someone type into Google if they were looking for your product or service?  This is one of the most fundamental...
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Connect To More Customers, 50% Off All Marketing Packages

Covid has impacted businesses in so many ways: not being able to hire staff that you need, sourcing the right materials, global working hours, not being able to meet with potential clients and much more. Milton Media Communications have decided to help businesses by offering up to 50% off all services.  So, whether you want to increase brand awareness, get more sign ups, update your website or encourage interest across your products and services in general, then we can help to do this through telesales, content, and social media promotion & management packages. Using Social Media To Find Your Perfect Customers Social media management and social media marketing packages are one of the best ways that you can connect the...
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Why Is Social Media Marketing Important For My Business?

Just as you would reach out to other businesses by phone or email, social media marketing is a great way to connect to potential customers who may be interested in the products or services that your business provides.  If your competitors are using social media to their advantage and you’ve noticed that they are using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram to market their business’s services, then it’s probably time for you to start creating social campaigns that will improve your following, likes, interest and engagement.  Getting started with social media begins with understanding how your business wants to grow, how quickly, and utilising the best social media platforms to make that happen. What Are The Best Social Media Channels For...
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