Get to Know Your Customer Day

Get to Know Your Customer Day

It is “get to know your customer” day today and if anything, now is a great time to reach out to others to see how we can be of assistance.  Whether you are looking at marketing strategies to discover new information about your potential customers or developing the relationships you have with existing customers, businesses change and your customer’s needs change with them.  This is why telemarketing is so useful: you can glean information about your customer to help them as best as possible and they benefit from new findings, so everyone wins. 

Building rapport starts from the very first call that we make or the first email that we send, and we can think about our tonality and also smiling when talking to others for the first time.  It’s also a national hugging day today, something which British culture deems as an informal and friendly gesture but in other countries may be welcome during an initial or follow up meeting, dependent on the situation, so always follow body language cues.  A hug can be seen as a way to break down barriers but obviously encroaches on physical space, so use your intuition and try to gauge the other person’s body language before communicating in this way.  If you are working with customers in other countries, then look at what customs and greetings are acceptable in their part of the world – it could just make all the difference in delivering that great first impression and creating a mutual understanding.

Ideally, getting to know your customer is about connecting with them in the way they need, rather than how you would expect and isn’t something you provide as a “one size fits all” approach, so services like telemarketing will help you to get to know more about what your customer’s want and provide valuable feedback on yor products and services. 

Communication & Body Language

How we communicate with others has been tested more so at this time of Covid19 than any other and has led the majority of us to use online platforms to communicate for business or pleasure, with some staff not being available at all on the phone or the re-routing of calls not being an option.  With online discussions being the trend, it is important to remember that our body language conveys the right messages that we want to send.  Body language combined with our tone of voice sets the environment for our conversations, as does our attire.  So even though some of us maybe working from home, we can still use the correct posture, hand gestures, vocal tone and also dress for the occasion of a meeting to set ourselves up for success.  These non-verbal messages about how we sit, how we dress, and our tone communicate so much to our listeners, so being aware of one’s body language is a useful point to remember when using any form of live conferencing.  If we feel positive and confident about our products and services, then so will our audience.

Tone of voice is also crucial when making calls and it is useful to smile when speaking, even though the recipient of the call cannot see you, it will release serotonin and start the conversation off on a positive note.  Communication is also more about listening rather than a need to dominate the conversation and this can set the right tone for a more collaborative discussion – working with others, rather than taking to others.  Our verbal communications with other businesses set the tone for how they remember us: what was their first call with us like? Were we attentive and deliberate towards their needs?  Did we allow time for them to ask enough questions?

Communication Tools for Online Business

With communication in mind, many businesses and people working from home have been using Zoom, Skype, VoIP (voice over IP), or even mobile apps like Viber to communicate nationally and internationally to keep those connections open, begin new ones and conduct necessary meetings or sessions.  These platforms are especially useful for connecting face to face and allow for showcasing or products, demonstrations and presentations.  Take a look at these types of services if you are not currently using anything like this for business use, in order to communicate with customers.

If you’re looking to get to know your customers more, ask us about our telesales and telemarketing packages to help you start building a strong customer base.


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