Telesales and Telemarketing

One of the best ways to contact new business customers is through telesales and telemarketing services from Milton Media Communications.  Our services are to local customers from our base in South Wales and to customers throughout the UK.  Whilst it is true that some businesses do not take cold calls or have a trusty gatekeeper to hand to fend off even the avid sales caller, we know that some of the best conversations start with those on the front line: receptionists, PAs and office managers, that first impressions count and are remembered.  Our telesales and telemarketing team take into consideration your prospect as a whole and work to build those important relationships, within the time frame suitable to that potential customer and by focusing on the longevity of the connection.

The main provision of our service comes in the form of making calls to your potential customers, using a consultative and intuitive approach.  We know that no one likes to be forced into buying a product or service but rather prefer to be shown the benefits and see what it can do for them.  With your business in mind, we look at the core of your product or service and understand its unique selling points before beginning the telesales campaign, this also helps us to prepare the best script and also the direction for the calls.

Milton Media Communications telesales team will do their best to act as a true extension of your business; a valuable asset to your team, helping you to not only increase the number of customer accounts that you hold but most importantly, working to provide customers who will stay with you for the longevity you would expect.  We have a passionate and enthusiastic sales team who understand that your product or service is important to you and know that you would like the telemarketing to deliver your product/service in a way that is true to your business.

It all starts with an introductory call so that we you can tell us more about your business goals and any outcomes you’d like to achieve.  We also want to work within your budget, so let us know what your marketing plan is for this year and how we can help.  Starting your business from scratch?  We can also look at business or consumer data to ensure that you are targeting the best prospects in your telesales campaign and to help build your business’s database, giving your business a head start and building your brand.

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